About The Paramount Tall Club

The Paramount Tall Club was established in 1946 to unite and organize tall men and women for the cultivation of friends and common interests,and to sponsor activities for promotion of cultural and social improvements for tall people (in other words, having fun!!!). Paramount was a founding member of American Affiliation of Tall Clubs, which has become Tall Clubs International. Paramount merged with the Tall Girls' Club of Chicago in 1963 (the Tall Girls' Club of Chicago was founded in 1940 and was also a founding member of the AATC).

Activities are the lifeblood of Paramount. In addition to special events such as the world-famous Paramount Weekend in February, Halloween Party, St. Patrick's Day Party, Christmas Party, New Year's Eve Party, Queen's Pageant, and Membership Dances, typical club activities include wallyball, restaurant dining, Happy Hour get-togethers, volleyball, theme parties, camping, bowling, hayrides, road rallies, family picnics, koffee klatches, golf, theatre, winter picnics, canoeing, concerts and more. We also encourage our members to travel to visit other clubs and enjoy their weekends and activities.

We also work with our local NMF chapter by raising funds, volunteering during their annual Marfan Walk-a-thon and participating in other community service activities.